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the price of Brent crude chain fell

Date:2015-03-18 15:01

shock down. Last week WTI, the price of Brent crude chain fell 5.16%, fall 4.44%. Last week the market multiple factors of bad oil prices down concussion, but overall prices range pattern has not changed. Non farm employment data before beautiful has for the future USA crude oil demand to upgrade the foreshadowing, afternoon as the refinery operating rate gradually improve, reduce signs of strike, a rebound in demand open now, once the demand to accelerate the rise, inventory reduction effect will give support to the oil price. In addition, geopolitics, Libya at present the country to the deteriorating security situation, production has been part of oil, the oil prices also constitute support at $50, is the point of balance straddle both sides of the game, having a greater probability of shock around this point. Shortly after the trend of oil prices or will be continued long-term low shock. Natural rubber, synthetic rubber prices continue to fall. Last week, natural rubber, polybutadiene rubber, styrene butadiene rubber prices fell 1.63%, 1.12%, 3.85% respectively. Because of the lower factory is still weak demand, and domestic Qingdao Free Trade Zone, inventory increased, and domestic production of adhesive area stop cut is coming to an end, after the supply of domestic rubber market face relatively enough, so last week domestic rubber market still continue down trend.

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